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Modern herbal product is a product that has been processed to treatment or beauty care. Products made from natural herbs are manufactured without the use of chemicals that are safe to use. How to use easy and practical is one of the advantages of this modern herbal products.

JAKUTE (Ginger, Turmeric, Ginger)

JAKUTE is a herbal concoction product from GoodHerba that combines Red Ginger spices, Turmeric and Ginger. The three spices have long been used by ancestors to treat various diseases. The spices used for the composition of JAKUTE are hygienically processed selected rempels. Because of that, JAKUTE has many benefits such as :

☕️ Increase immunity and endurance
☕️ Prevent cough flu virus attack 🦠
☕️ Overcoming Nausea and Indigestion
☕️ Relieves Menstrual Pain, Send, and Muscles.
☕️ Promotes Digestion and Lose Weight.

JAKUTE packed inside 3 packaging ie :
💚 SMALL packaging contains 5 dip bag
💚 BIG packaging contains 15 dip bag
💚 GREAT packaging + Sugar contains sugar 15 a dip bag and a packet of rock sugar

JAKUTE serving suggestions :
✅ Take it 1 dip bag
✅ Brewed with 200 ml of boiling water, Wait 7-10 minute.
✅ Enjoy while warm.
✅ Drink regularly every morning or evening for a strong immune system

⚠️ Terdaftar di Dinkes (No PIRT : 313350217079125)

Moringa Leaf Tea (Moringa Tea)

The health benefits of Moringa leaves need not be doubted. This plant has long been known as a good herbal plant for maintaining blood pressure and preventing cancer. Not only that, Moringa leaves have various other advantages such as :

🌿 92 Kinds of Nutrition
🌿 46 cancer-preventing antioxidants
🌿 18 Amino Acids
🌿 9 Essential Amino Acids
🌿 Vitamin C 7x >orange
🌿 Vitamin A 4x > carrot
🌿 Calcium 4x > milk
🌿 Protein 2x > yogurt
🌿 Potassium 3x > banana
🌿 Iron 25x > spinach

Eating moringa every day can overcome hunger and nutritional deficiencies, increase endurance and prevent illness, therefore GoodHerba processes the Moringa leaves so that they can be easily consumed. These preparations are Moringa Tea which is made from 100% natural moringa leaves.

Moringa Tea GoodHerba :
✅ 100% organic moringa leaves
✅ Isi 15 dip bag, practical dip packaging, simply brewed with hot water
✅ Already registered with the Health Office (DINKES PIRT No 213350214079124)

Cara Menyajikan Moringa Tea :

☕️ Brewed
🌿 Brew a dip bag with hot water
🌿 Leave it 5-10 minute
🌿 Add sugar or honey when necessary.
🌿 Enjoy while warm.

🌿 Open and remove the contents of the dip bag
🌿 campur daun kelor dengan buah atau sayuran lainnya
🌿 Juice using a blender

🌿 Open the contents of the dip bag,
🌿 Mix Moringa leaves with cooking

💊 PIL (Contact us for practical packaging)


Diet is easy with AKACHA RED TEA for 30 day.
Akachan is slimming tea SUPER PREMIUM herb originally from Japan.

Ever wonder why the majority of Japanese women flat stomach and slender body? Because they are diligent drinking tea. But not just any tea, but with a special material red tea from Japan. Weight loss 5-10 kg in a month safely and without the yo-yo effect. It has been proven. Without hunger and chemical drugs.

Manfaat rustle:

❤️ streamline the stomach
❤️ reduce weight
❤️ not cause dehydration
❤️ useful for detox
❤️ cleanse the body of toxins
CHAPTER launched ❤️
❤️ refresh the body
❤️ brighten skin


Akacha Red Tea:

🌱 Elixir Japan
🌱 100% natural herbal
🌱 100% secure
🌱 enrolled in the Health Service
its 🌱 30 teabags
🌱 practical packaging teabag
🌱 drink 1x daily at night before bed

INSULIN – Herbal Insulin Leaf Tea

Have diabetes but are afraid of chemical drugs? GoodHerba presents INSULINA, a tea-based product 100% daun Insulin untuk mengobati maupun mencegah diabetes secara herbal dan alami. Daun Insulin sudah sejak lama dikenal orang sebagai penurun kadar gula, menurut penelitian penderita diabetes yang mengonsumsi daun insulin pada porsi yang tepat tidak akan mengalami lonjakan gula darah. So that, the risk of complications is also minimized. INSULINA comes with a practical dye pack containing 15 tea bag.


🌿 Lowering blood sugar
🌿 Made from Insulin Leaves and natural herbs
🌿 100 % Herbs without drugs and chemicals
🌿 Maintains blood sugar naturally
🌿 Safe & registered at DINKES (PIRT No 213350213079124)

Serving Suggestions:
☕️ Take one insulina dip bag
☕️ Brewed with a glass of hot water
☕️ Add STEVIA instead of sugar
☕️ Shut it up 5-10 minute
☕️ Drink while warm
☕️ Drink regularly every day to control blood sugar

VANITA Bleach & The MissV seal

VANITA is a Miss-V nurse herbal tea made 100% from natural ingredients so that it is not harmful to the body and can be consumed every day without harmful side effects. Unlike other similar products, VANITA overcomes the problem of the feminine area from the source so that you can forever be free of vaginal discharge and Miss-V is getting tighter and tighter.

Benefits of VANITA
❤️ Make Miss-V close & kesat
❤️ Toning up Miss-V like a girl
❤️ Prevent & treat vaginal discharge
❤️ Get rid of excess mucus
❤️ Eliminates unpleasant odors on Miss-V
❤️ Treating mushrooms / bacteria in the vaginal area
❤️ Eliminate itching in the Miss-V area
❤️ Promoting menstruation / menstruation

VANITA Herbal Tea
🌱 100% Natural herbs
🌱 Made from nutritious herbal spices
🌱 Does not contain chemicals / preservative
🌱 For medication or routine maintenance
🌱 Safe to consume every day
🌱 No side effects
🌱 Registered officially at DINAS KESEHATAN (DINKES)

Serving Suggestions :
☕️ Take it 1 Vanita dye bag
☕️ Brewed with 1 hot water glass
☕️ Shut it up 5-10 minute
☕️ Drink while warm, add sugar when necessary

Organize :
⚠️ for TREATMENT : Drink regularly every morning and evening
⚠️ for CARE : Drink 2-3 times a week




Herbal mask for brighten the skin face and body.



Herbal mask for prevent and eliminate acne on the face and body.


Glamor Gold

Herbal mask for remove dead skin cells on the face and body.


White Sakura

Herbal mask for skin whitening face and body.


Black Jintan

Herbal mask for skin tightening face and body.


Herbal Facial Mask of Good Herbs are made from natural herbs without any chemical mixture. The results are maximal, face skin become more smooth, white, tight, blushed and glow. Also very effective to remove excess oil.

With regular use, You no longer need to use beauty products from chemicals. Can also be used for whole body.

How to use a mask mix enough with a little warm water and rub on the skin. Replace the water with natural honey for maximum results. packaging contents 15 gram for 5 time use on the face, or 1 time on the use of the whole body.

KATUMA Herbal Breast Launcher

Menyusui mudah dengan SEND Pelancar Asi
KATUMA adalah produk olahan dari GoodHerba yang berbahan alami daun katuk yang dicampur dengan daun kelor dan rempah lainnya. In addition to being beneficial to launch breast milk, katuk leaves which are the main ingredient

In addition to being beneficial to launch breast milk, katuk leaves which are the main ingredient KATUMA juga bermanfaat untuk kesehatan tubuh lainnya. This leaf contains vitamins (A,B, and C), fat, protein, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Researchers also found that katuk leaves contain ephedrine which is very effective for treating influenza

💖 Herbal Breastfeeding Launcher Tea
💖 Practical dip pack
💖 Made from selected spices and guaranteed superiority
💖 Registered officially at PIRT DINKES : 313350210079124

Manfaat Mengonsumsi KATUMA secara routine :
✅ Streamlining breast milk / ASI booster
✅ Eliminates sweet / unpleasant odor on breast milk
✅ Maintain the health and stamina of nursing mothers
✅ Provide nutrition needed by nursing mothers & baby
✅ Make nursing mothers more relaxed

Serving Suggestions :
☕️ BOILED ☕️
✅ Brew KATUMA (dip packaging) with one glass of hot water
✅ Leave it 3-5 minute
✅ Drink while warm.

✅Take the KATUMA powder out of the dip bag
✅ Boil together the vegetables / broth of your cooking.


Coffee is not just for the relief of sleepiness and fatigue. With the right mix of spices, among others Purwoceng and Earth Stake, Coffee can also freshen up and as stamina. material 100% herbs so harmless to body, especially heart. Coffee taste sharp and fragrant spices make this Adam delicious coffee to be enjoyed at any time.

packaging contents 10 gram, to be enjoyed in the afternoon.