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Is it safe to drink Jamu godok Every Day?


for the people, herbs or ingredients in traditional medicines Indonesia is not really new. Potion of plants, animal material, The mineral material hereditary is used for treatment based on experience.

One way of simple processing of traditional medicine is boiling or cooking the ingredients from plants, for example soursop leaves or ginger, and water to drink on a regular basis to maintain good health.

According Indah Yuning Prapti, Head of Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine MoH RI, use of medicinal plants typically will not overdosing. “Because the active substance in the plant still Miscellaneous, generally will not get to that effect. Unless he is allergic. For example, people whose asthma is allergic to fur, when he was given a Dutch identity plants to lower cholesterol or reduce obesity, could be crowded,” he said.

Good Boil herb herbs for various ailments

To prevent that, then before taking any herbal remedy used to convey certain conditions of the illness that can be sought replacement drugs. Communities also have to be careful on herbs or herbal which turned out to contain prescription drugs that could be harmful if consumed every day.

beautiful mentions, people have for generations used herbs and equipped with knowledge how to use it.

“Previously it measuring only sejimpit, sejempol, handful. But once we measure, for example Dutch teak leaves in dry conditions handful is equivalent to 5 gram. Our ancestors have been very wise real,” he said.

The Government has continued to encourage the wider use of herbal medicine, among others, by traditional medicinal plants saintifikasi program. With the saintifikasi, herb which has been utilized by people having scientific proof.


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